It’s five o’clock. I hear a faint click, followed by the low hum of the kitchen television turning on as images flash across the little black box that sits at the end of the counter. 

I inwardly groan as the hum is replaced by voices from news reporters, giving my mother her daily dose of depression from around the state and country and world. 

… five killed today…
… environmental concerns are increasing in
… protesters are becoming more violent… 
… the CDC has issued another disease outbreak alert for… 

Granted, she turns it on everyday to stay informed, not become depressed. Depression just happens to be the collateral damage of staying informed these days. 

If we’re not careful, Gabriel and I can be just as guilty as the news stations are in focusing on the negative. When we talk about Uganda, we can focus a little too much on the seemingly impossible task ahead of us. We look at numbers and statistics, instead of counting our blessings.

This week, as we find ourselves only one month away from our departure date, we’re taking the time to remind each other to be excited (not stressed, or overwhelmed) at what’s ahead. We are excited about our work with Amazima and meeting the students we will form relationships with. But we’re also excited just to learn more about Ugandan culture and see firsthand this beautiful country, known as the Pearl of Africa.

We want you to be excited and experience the beauty, too. So check out this video, where Robbie Palmer has captured the smiles, sights and smaller details of our new home…

30 days until we see it in person. Share in our excitement as we countdown!

A note from Gabriel + Sarah
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