In 42 days, we will move 7,341 miles (11,814 km) to our new home, in Uganda. To get there, we will cross one ocean and three seas, in three planes. If the airlines are gracious, we’ll carry our lives over in three bags. If they’re not feeling so gracious, we’ll have to fit it all into two

When we arrive, we’ll join the 37.58 million people that make up the country’s population. At 27 and 34, we’ll also be older than half of the people there — 50% of the population is under the age of 15

Over the past two weeks we’ve received the six vaccinations needed. We sold our [1] car. We’ve signed our names what feels like 100 times on travel documents. Gabriel has worked 4 jobs to add to our “Uganda money pot.”  

And each day, instead of crossing off an item from our “To Do” list (a list that holds at least 1,327,648 items on it already), I somehow manage to add one more thing to do. 

If I’m not careful, I spend too much time thinking about the numbers and the list and I forget what’s important. I start focusing on that first number (42) a little too much — how will I ever finish everything I need to do in 42 days? That’s only 84 meals left to squeeze in my favorite foods! Time is slipping by so quickly… I’m not ready to make some of the goodbyes that are ahead, quite yet… 

If I’m not careful, I forget the most important number: 20

In 42 days, we are one step closer to meeting our 20 Ugandan girls. And we are so excited. But these girls are more than a number to discuss in passing conversation. These girls are just that — girls. They each have their own story to tell. And we believe that God chose to specifically place each of them in our home.  

This Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for my family, and having the opportunity to spend time with them. Gabriel and I were both blessed to grow up in loving, caring homes. And it’s that love that we were given that we want to now pour out on the girls who will be living with us at The Amazima School

"Destruction by distraction is difficult to detect when it's happening, because it doesn't involve bad things but good things that take the place of the most important things." [Levi Lusko]

Lists and numbers don’t always have to be stressful. Join us this season and make your own “blessings list” of things you’re thankful for. When you start to feel stressed and distracted by the "to do" list, remember what's most important.