"In Jerusalem we don't live together. We live side by side." 
"Syria, like Jordan, is a closed economy. Except now they export citizens and we import refugees."

"The tension here is palpable."
"Not everything in Israel is about politics..." 

  Flower Thrower  by Banksky. Viewable in Jerusalem.

Flower Thrower by Banksky. Viewable in Jerusalem.

During a recent stint in the Middle East, we recorded the dual-narrative we heard and observed as we spoke with Israeli Jews, Palestinians, Jordanians, and Syrians. The people welcomed the opportunity to share their stories with us as we traveled through the region. We heard of violence but also the beautiful simplicity of their life in the desert. 

Now upon return from the Holy Land, we are working to compile and organize their perspectives into an e-book that will publish Summer 2017. We are gauging interest and welcome your thoughts below. 

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