1) Consider making a donation to our Giving Back Fund. This fund allows us to:

  • Continue volunteering for organizations by assisting with transportation costs (i.e., bus tickets to reach a village or school)
  • Raise awareness of different causes
  • Purchase supplies (i.e. educational tools, medical/hygiene products needed by organizations, etc.) to donate when we volunteer

2) Are you connected with a non-profit that is doing something awesome? Send us an email detailing the name, location, website (if applicable), and volunteer opportunities available there. After reviewing, we will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of partnering together.

3) Sponsor our work in Uganda, or make a donation to one of the featured organizations, below: 

  Amazima Ministries International , Uganda

Amazima Ministries International, Uganda

  David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust , Kenya

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kenya

  Naomi's Village , Kenya

Naomi's Village, Kenya