Who I am...

First and foremost, I am a wife to the crazy, fun-loving Gabriel. A North Carolinian born and raised, I love lazy summer days on front porches drinking iced tea, but also being on the road eating unidentified foods. I like it when my hair behaves, but I also like to feel the wind whipping past as I ride my motorcycle. I hate shopping, but I love my heels collection. What remains consistent are my passions: trying new things and writing about them. I live each day covered in grace. 

What I do...

During undergrad, my professors told me repetitively that “travel writing is like the professional sport of the journalism world. Only a small percentage of the ‘athletes’ make it… it’s best to pursue other writing interests that you can build a career on.” 

So I launched myself into the newspaper world as a staff writer. I didn’t know what my “other writing interests” were, but I figured writing every beat for a publication would help me find out. 

Somewhere along the way, I discovered I didn’t like being told no, I couldn’t do something. I decided to make the previously deemed impossible, possible. It helped that I had a dedicated partner in crime (Gabriel). 

We sold everything (three weeks after getting married) and moved to Hokkaido, Japan. There, I taught myself how to start and manage a travel blog. I read books and forums on content strategy, SEO and site optimization, why social media is more than a buzz word and how to leverage it…

When we moved back to North Carolina in 2014, I built upon those skills as a brand journalist, working for one of the largest content marketing agencies in the States. As a Digital Producer, I managed content on websites for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the Americas. I also worked closely with the editorial team behind Four Seasons Magazine. –> View my resumé

Now, Gabriel and I live in West Africa. Despite being told it was an unattainable dream, I get to write about travel every day. 

What can I do for you?

I provide the following services for my clients. To learn more about my rates, please send an email or fill out the form below, outlining your project, and we can further discuss availability and expectations. 

  • Provide expertise in destination travel and travel advice
  • Deliver top-quality digital or print content
  • Strategize multi-platform content
  • CMS entry and management (proficient in WordPress, Adobe CQ5, BlackLight and SquareSpace)
  • Support and contribute to larger, ongoing projects
  • Guidance in SEO best practices
  • Provide photography to accompany articles, as needed
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