A few side notes...

  • [03.11.12] The day we met.
    Gabriel conned Sarah into giving him her phone number, stating he "needed an article in the newspaper" and asked for an interview. The interview lasted about 5 minutes; the phone call lasted over 2 hours.
  • [33] The number of countries we've visited, collectively.
    Our goal is never to increase this number for the sake of increasing it we try to be intentional with our travels and give back to others as we work and journey abroad. 
  • [6394.47] The miles between our hometown and our first home together.
    We both grew up in North Carolina. Three weeks after getting married, we moved to Sapporo, Japan. Our adventures there led to the ideation behind theWhiteBlankPage and inspired No Ginger, set to publish in 2017.
  • [18,651] The elevation at which Gabriel proposed.
    On January 3, 2013 (after six days of climbing), Gabriel dropped down on one knee at Gilman's Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and asked Sarah to marry him. Delirious with altitude sickness, she said yes.
  • [0.0] The number of kids or pets we have.
    Gabriel is a teacher by trade, while Sarah is a journalist. Our backgrounds and passions are perfectly matched for expat life. We believe God gave us the desire to travel and live abroad, not for ourselves, but to help others. We are currently living out His plan for our lives in Dakar, Senegal.